Real Estate and Urban Law

We advise real estate agencies and individuals in all types of real estate and urban development projects, both in Spain and Romania.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal assistance in Real Estate and Urban Development Law, covering all stages of the operation and protecting their interests from the choice of investment and initial negotiations to the completion of the operation. For this purpose, we carry out an exhaustive prior analysis of the property and the investment, which is essential for this type of operations. We take care of resolving all urban planning, administrative or any other issues that may affect the operation.

We highlight among our services in Real Estate and Urban Law the following:

  • Study of the classification and qualification of the land, as well as the permitted buildability.
  • In coordination with Technical Architects, we analyze undevelopable rural land and supervise the reports issued by them on the possibilities of land regularization in accordance with the General Urban Development Plan of each locality. Likewise, we manage the corresponding regularization procedures, such as the segregation of plots or the qualification of AFO (Assimilated Out of Order) housing in Spain.
  • We prepare legal reports on the property to be transferred or Real Estate Due Diligence, including verification of ownership, charges and encumbrances in the Land Registry, cadastral situation and review of urban planning licenses, among other actions.
  • We study the status of the owner’s possible debts with the different entities involved, both public and private (community of owners, City Hall and other public entities).
  • We manage the lifting of encumbrances that a property may have, including the cancellation of mortgages, liens and injunctions, among others.
  • We draft all kinds of contracts related to real estate transactions, such as: lease contracts, purchase option contracts, reservation contracts, earnest money and purchase and sale contracts.
  • We prepare the necessary documentation for the execution of the public deed of sale and purchase, including NIE application procedures and the location of title deeds, debt certificates, technical certificates of the property, among others.
  • We offer after-sales services, assisting the customer during the change of ownership of supplies, among others.

At DAVÓ LAW OFFICES we are aware of the difficulties our clients may encounter when signing the real estate transaction in person, such as in the case of non-resident Aliens Law. In these cases, our lawyers will prepare a power of attorney.

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Real Estate and Urban Law

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