Commercial and Corporate Law

Our lawyers team specialized in Commercial and Corporate Law offers, from our offices in Malaga and Bucharest, legal advice to businesses in all their stages and challenges: from their set up and during their daily activity, to their dissolution and liquidation. 

We have more than 10 years of experience advising businesses in Spain and Romania and our services cover all areas of Commercial and Corporate practice, among which are:

Commercial transactions

We provide complete advice in this area:

Incorporation of companies and other legal entities;

Purchase and sale of shares and assets;

Statutory modifications;

– Changes in the board of directors structure and their remuneration regulation;

Capital increase and reduction operations;

Restructuring (merger, spin-off, segregation, non-monetary contribution, exchange of securities and global transfer of assets and liabilities, among others);

– Legal advice on investment and divestment transactions;

Dissolution and liquidation of companies.

Commercial contracting

We provide legal advice in the planning, review, negotiation, modification and drafting of all types of commercial contracts required by the business (contracts with senior management, provision of services, leasing, sale, distribution, franchising, intermediation, manufacturing, licensing, loans, joint ventures and confidentiality agreements, among others).

Advice on corporate conflicts

We provide legal advice in cases of conflict within a company, against partners and administrators. We do this both in the extrajudicial phase, by preparing defense strategies and assistance during board meetings, and in the litigation phase, handling both the exercise and the defense of all types of proceedings, such as liability actions against directors, partners exclusion and challenging corporate resolutions, among others.

Insolvencies, restructuring and bakruptcy law

We advise companies in situations of asset imbalance and insolvency, covering the following actions:

– The management of restructuring processes, both from the point of view of the corporate structure (including mergers, spin-offs and other structural modification operations) and from the operational and financial, assisting clients during debt refinancing processes and drafting of all types of agreements.

Credit recovery and execution of guarantees;

– The drafting of participatory loan agreements;

– The management of equity contribution operations, increase of the capital stock by offsetting credits, capital stock reduction to offset losses and reduction with simultaneous increase of the capital stock or accordion operation;

– Legal direction and advice in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings, risk factors identification, possibilities of debt recovery and identification of the best strategies to protect the client’s interests during these proceedings;

– Assistance in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, both at the instance and in the relations with the bankruptcy administrators and third parties;

– Management of dissolution and liquidation of companies and provision of consultancy services in order to identify the best strategies for the client and to maximize the amounts to be distributed in the liquidation proceedings.  

International legal advice

Spanish companies with interests in Romania and Romanian companies with interests in Spain find in DAVÓ LAW OFFICES the legal service that best suits their needs.

The international identity of our team, present in Malaga and Bucharest, allows us to understand the challenges faced by companies with international interests and attributes and to offer legal advice adapted to the local legislation of their subsidiaries, in coordination with the advisors of the parent company when the latter is foreign.

Our founding partner Manuel Davó has extensive professional experience in Commercial Law matters both in Spain and Romania, belonging to the Bar Associations of Malaga and Bucharest.

In DAVÓ LAW OFFICES we have the following areas of specialization:

Corporate and Commercial Law

Litigation and Arbitration

Labor Law

Criminal Law