Contracting and Public Works

Since its foundation, DAVÓ LAW OFFICES has been a trusted partner in advising companies in the construction and infrastructure sector in public and private contexts. This has allowed us to acquire extensive experience and consolidate a specialized lawyers team, giving us a leading position in this area.

Our service in the area of Contracting and Public Works is characterized by our intense and acute involvement in each project, as well as by our constant commitment and willingness to pursue the best results for our clients. We are convinced that the best reward is our clients satisfaction.

In this sense, the task of the department coordinator and firm founding partner, Sofía Vio, stands out for basing on a broad legal knowledge and a pragmatic vision of each project. Under her coordination the entire Contracting and Public Works team departs from the mere theoretical services classic stereotypes allowing us to foresee incidences and possible conflicts, providing a realistic and practical knowledge. 

From awarding to completion, the Contracting and Public Works Department advises our clients in every phase of each project. 

Lawyers specialized in contracting and public works

Our services include the following:

  • Advice on acquisitions and public bids, construction contract awarding and signing.
  • Partnership agreements drafting, Joint Venture contracts and Temporary Joint Ventures constitution, among other forms of collaboration between project partners.
  • Identification of the rights and obligations of the different parties involved by conducting a risk and opportunity assessment.
  • Support in the management of relationships with the contracting party, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, workers or other parties involved.
  • Drafting of claims and response to claims in the extrajudicial field.
  • Resolution of legal consultations in all the areas related to the project.
  • Supervision of the construction contract during its execution.
  • Supervision of the other contracts involved in the project, such as contracts with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Supervision and support in document management tasks.

By virtue of the foregoing, the firm provides inclusive assistance as Contract Manager or Project Manager in the projects we are part of. For the development of the above, we work in coordination with the engineers in charge of the project, as well as with the legal department of our clients, being DAVÓ LAW OFFICES their strongest ally from the first day.

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