DAVÓ LAW OFFICES has its own office in Bucharest, Romania being one of our main areas of activity. Our firm has established itself as the leading law firm for Spanish companies with interests in Romania and Romanian companies with interests in Spain.

Thanks to the duality provided by our firm, with offices located in Málaga and Bucharest, our clients obtain effective advice adapted to the applicable local and international regulations.

Manuel Davó, co-founding partner of DAVÓ LAW OFFICES, has a solid professional background in Commercial Law in Romania and Spain, being a member of the Malaga and Bucharest´s Bar Associations. Manuel has advised many Spanish companies in their installation process in Romania, as well as in all their activity and development.

Sofía Vio, Chilean co-founder of DAVÓ LAW OFFICES, is one of the few foreign lawyers qualified to defend her clients before the Romanian Supreme Court. Our partner has advised in Romania a large number of clients with national and international interests, both legal entities and individuals.