Labor Law

Our team of labor lawyers provides advice to both companies and workers in labor disputes, out of court and through legal assistance during mediation processes and before the Labor Courts.

Among others, we offer the following services in Labor Law:

  • Resolution of queries regarding employment contracts, working conditions, geographic mobility and international employee displacements, collective bargaining agreements, vacations, termination of contracts, applicable incentives, etc.
  • Advice on maternity/paternity cases, leaves of absence, disability and measures to reconcile work and family life, among others.
  • Drafting of senior management and CEO contracts, including non-competition, severance and golden parachute clauses, among others.
  • Drafting of internal company Policies and Protocols on various matters, such as Occupational Risk Prevention, Personal Data Protection, Intellectual and Industrial Property and Business Secrets, Use of Business Tools, Money Laundering, Equality Plans and Internal Regulations of the company.
  • Legal assistance in the event of termination of the labor relationship, both for objective and disciplinary reasons.

Employment counseling in Malaga and Bucharest

Thanks to the international coordination of the professionals that make up our offices, located in Malaga and Bucharest, our clients with elements of both jurisdictions in their labor relations receive effective advice adapted to the applicable local and international labor regulations.

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