Civil and Family Law

At DAVÓ LAW OFFICES we offer comprehensive legal assistance in the field of General Civil Law, obligations and contracts, real rights, and Family Law and Inheritance Law, covering all areas of Civil Law, both in Spanish and Romanian jurisdiction.

General civil law, obligations and contracts and real rights


  • Donations and constitution of usufructs;
  • Drafting, revision and modification of contracts;
  • Proceedings for breach of contract, termination and rescission of contracts and proceedings on the validity, interpretation and execution of contracts;
  • Civil liability proceedings;
  • Proceedings for breach of contract in real estate and construction;
  • Drafting and review of leasing contracts for all types of real estate;
  • Eviction proceedings and pre-judicial and judicial debt claims;
  • Demarcation and claim actions.

Family and inheritance law


  • Separation and divorce proceedings;
  • Custody and child abduction proceedings;
  • Nullity of marriage;
  • Provisional measures for annulment, separation or divorce proceedings;
  • Matrimonial and non-matrimonial filiation;
  • Proceedings for claiming and contesting filiation;
  • Paternal-filial relations;
  • Proceedings relating to alimony;
  • Proceedings relating to the exercise of parental authority;
  • Adoption and fostering of minors;
  • Declaration of absence and death;
  • Proceedings concerning guardianship and trusteeship;
  • Drafting and contesting of wills and procedures for the division and acceptance of inheritance.


Our specialised lawyers in Malaga and Bucharest provide the most appropriate solution for each particular case.