Criminal Law

DAVÓ LAW OFFICES provides legal advice and defense to legal entities and individuals in all stages of criminal proceedings, both pre-litigation and judicial.

Our professionals are responsible for the legal direction and legal defense of our clients in all areas of Criminal Law, specializing in crimes against the person, freedom, privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of the home, family relations, honor, patrimony and socioeconomic order.

Criminal lawyers

Our Criminal Law practice includes, among others, legal advice in cases of:

    • Crimes of injury, assault, abuse and sexual harassment, as well as gender violence;
    • Coercion and threats;
    • Offenses of libel and slander;
    • Crimes of illegal marriage, abandonment of family, breach of custody and child abduction;
    • Crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets and housebreaking;
    • Damage, theft, robbery, burglary, usurpation and fraud offenses;
    • Unfair administration, misappropriation, frustration of execution, punishable insolvency;
    • Crimes of forgery of public and private documents;
    • Crimes against public health and road safety;
    • Crimes against land and urban planning, protection of heritage and the environment;
    • Crimes of breach of conviction;
    • Expungement of criminal records.

Criminal lawyers in Malaga y Bucharest

We provide legal assistance to legal entities and individuals in international criminal proceedings. Our teams in Malaga and Bucharest offer coordinated advice in litigation with attributes both in Romania and Spain.

In the area of Economic Criminal Law, we help our clients to prevent criminal conduct that may occur within companies or by companies.

We design a defense adapted to your case, through a rigorous and detailed study of it. 


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Criminal Law