Litigation and Arbitration

Our Litigation Department has lawyers specialized in Procedural Law and International Law, who carry out an exhaustive analysis of each case, with the purpose of defending the interests of our clients, both out of court and before the Courts. We provide legal assistance to national and foreign clients, whether individuals or legal entities, providing creative solutions adapted to each case.

National and international litigation

At DAVÓ LAW OFFICES we are a reliable partner throughout the development of the activity of companies and individuals, also in the litigation phase. Our team combines experience and knowledge of the legal sector in Spain and Romania, with professionals qualified in international litigation and specially prepared to protect the interests of our clients in national and cross-border disputes.

Preparation of legal reports

Our scope of expertise includes the preparation and issuance of legal reports on potentially litigious issues in all types of matters, the performance of preventive analyses to identify potential risks and the analysis of the legal feasibility of the matter.


Our team has extensive experience in arbitration proceedings under the ICC national and international arbitration rules. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution frequently chosen by our clients to settle disagreements.

DAVÓ LAW OFFICES has the following areas of specialization:

Contracting and Public Works

Commercial and Corporate Law